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Date: Tue, 13 May 1997 15:35:08 -0700
From:Teri Pettit pettit@Adobe.COM
The previous two emails about CORNETT families in Rowan Co. contained
the families of the three sons of Jesse H. CORNETT and Nancy Branham
SMITH, and their known (to me) descendants. This email contains three
other Rowan County CORNETT families who I have not tied in with the
others. Most likely they also are descendants or close relatives of
Jesse H. CORNETT. If anyone knows how they connect, please let me know.

The three families are:

  1. Daniel Boone CORNETT and Susan WARD
  2. Andrew H. CORNETT and Ella EASTON
  3. J. W. CORNETT and Martha A. CAUDILL

Daniel Boone CORNETT and Susan WARD - First Generation

1. Daniel Boone Cornett. Born about 1858 in Kentucky.

   1910 census of Rowan Co., KY, Cristy Creek prec, page 5B, dated
   21 Apr, lists family #91:
   Cornett, D.B., 52, KY VA KY; (w) Susan, 46, OH OH OH; married 29 yrs,
   9 children, 8 living; (d) Ethel, 21; (s) Forrest, 18; (s) Ward, 16;
   (s) Earl, 14; (d) Myrtle, 11; (s) Leroy, 7.  All children born in KY.

   He married Susan Ward, about 1881 in Kentucky. Born about 1864 in Ohio.
   They had the following children:

   2    i.      Bert W. Cornett
   3   ii.      May Cornett
   4  iii.      Ethel M. Cornett
   5   iv.      Forrest Cornett
   6    v.      Ward Cornett
   7   vi.      Earl Cornett
   8  vii.      Myrtle Cornett
   9 viii.      Leroy ("Roy") Cornett

Daniel Boone CORNETT and Susan WARD - Second Generation

2. Bert W. Cornett. Born about 1883 in Kentucky.

   Rowan Co. marriage Book 5, p. 175, records marriage on 29 Dec 1904
   of Bert W. Cornett and Zona Fugett.

   1910 census of Rowan Co., KY, Cristy Creek prec, page 5B, dated
   21 Apr, lists family #91:
   Cornett, B.W., 27, KY KY OH; (w) Zona, 28, KY VA KY; married 6 yrs,
   3 children, 3 living; (s) Oscar C., 4; (d) Gladys S., 2; (s) D.B. Jr.,
   4/12.  All children born in KY.

   He married Zona Fugate, 29 Dec 1904 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Born
   about 1882 in Kentucky. They had the following children:

   10   i.      Oscar C. Cornett
   11  ii.      Gladys S. Cornett
   12 iii.      Daniel Boone Cornett Jr.

3. May Cornett. Born about 1887 in Carter Co., Kentucky.

   She married James "Matthew" Cassity, son of Peter Cassity Sr. &
   Mahala Jane Hall, 16 Sep 1908 in Rowan  Co., Kentucky. Born 27 Oct 1883
   in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Died 21 Mar 1980 in Rowan Co., Ky.

   Rowan Co. marriage book 6, p. 437, records marriage of James Mathew
   Cassity, 24, s/o Pete & Hala Cassity, and May Cornett, 21, d/o Boon
   (b. Carter Co.) & Sue Cornett, on 16 Sep 1908 at Wm Cornett's, Brady,
   by C. M. Humphrey, witnesses "father & mother of the bride".

   Kentucky death index lists Matt Cassity, d. 21 Mar 1980, age 96, in
   Rowan Co., residence same, certificate Vol. 15, #07117.

   Social Security Death Index lists James Cassity, b. 27 Oct 1883,
   d. Mar 1980, SSN 401-10-4197 issued in KY, last residence zip 40351

4. Ethel M. Cornett. Born about 1889 in Kentucky.

   She married Jesse L. Bogges, 3 Jul 1912 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

5. Forrest Cornett. Born about 1892 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

6. Ward Cornett. Born about 1894 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

7. Earl Cornett. Born about 1896 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

8. Myrtle Cornett. Born 2 Aug 1899 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Died 23 Mar 1969
   in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   Her death certificate (Vol. 31, #15282) lists Myrtle Caudill, d. 23 Mar
   1969, age 69, in Rowan Co., residence same, date of birth 2 Aug 1899,
   married, surviving spouse Lindsay Caudill, parents D. B. Cornette and
   Susan Ward, informant Lindsay Caudill, cause of death cerebrovascular
   accident, burial Lee Cemetery, Morehead.

   She married Lindsay Caudill, son of Samuel B. ("Squire") Caudill &
   Amanda Susan Hall, 27 Jun 1926 in Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co.,
   Kentucky. Born 28 Nov 1897 in Wagner, Rowan Co., Kentucky. Died
   27 Nov 1988 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   Rowan Co. marriage book 21, p. 1, records marriage on 27 June 1926
   of Lindsay Caudill, 28, s/o Sam & Amanda Caudill, to Myrtle Cornett,
   26, d/o D.B. & Sue Cornett, at Mt. Sterling, Montgomery Co., by B. W.
   Trimble, witnesses Frank Whitney and Anna Pearl Caudill.

   Index to Kentucky death records lists Lindsay Caudill, d. 27 Nov 1988,
   age 90, in Rowan Co., residence same, birthdate 28 Nov 1897, certificate
   Vol. 68, #33683.

   They had the following children:

   13   i.      Janis Ruth Caudill

9. Leroy ("Roy") Cornett. Born 28 Oct 1902 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Died
   Apr 1981 in Morehead, Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   From an undated newspaper clipping, reprinted in the Centennial Morehead

   "On last Thursday, Roy Cornette and Miss Elsie Lee Hogge went to Owingsville
   and came back Mr. and Mrs. Cornette. They were accompanied by Miss Margaret
   Norman and Robert Day who acted as witnesses of the ceremony and otherwise
   aided and abetted in the transaction.

   Mr. Cornette is the son of Squire D. B. Cornette who has long been a citizen
   of our town. The bride is the daughter of Attorney Elijah Hogge known to all
   his acquaintances as Judge."

   He married Elsie Lee Hogge, daughter of Elijah Hogge, 1929 in Owingsville,
   Bath Co., Kentucky. Born 6 Feb 1909 in Kentucky. Died 7 May 1989 in Morehead,
   Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   Birth and death dates for Roy and Elsie are from the Social Security Death

Daniel Boone CORNETT and Susan WARD - Third Generation

10. Oscar C. Cornett. Born about 1906 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

11. Gladys S. Cornett. Born about 1908 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

12. Daniel Boone Cornett Jr. Born about Jan 1910 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

13. Janis Ruth Caudill. Born 21 Oct 1928 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   She married Jack Ellis. They had the following children:

   14    i.     John Ellis
   15   ii.     Jackie Ellis
   16  iii.     Jean Ellis
   17   iv.     Jeff Ellis

Andrew H. CORNETT and Ella EASTON - First Generation

1. Andrew H. Cornett. Born about 1850/1865.

   Rowan Co. marriage Book 1, p. 32, records marriage on 10 Mar 1883
   of Andrew H. Cornett and Ella Easton. The marriage is also recorded
   in Book A, p. 59, on 12 Mar 1883. (From index only; I haven't examined
   the originals. The very rough age for Andrew is estimated only assuming
   he was probably age 18 - 33. I can't find either Andrew or Ella in the
   Kentucky death index.)

   He married Ella Easton, 12 Mar 1883 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. They had
   the following children:

   2   i.       Elmer C. Cornett
   3  ii.       James C. Cornett

Andrew H. CORNETT and Ella EASTON - Second Generation

2. Elmer C. Cornett. Born about 1889 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   Rowan Co. marriage book 7, p. 511 records marriage on 25 Dec 1911
   of Elmer C. Cornett, 22, b. Rowan Co., s/o Andrew & Ella Cornett,
   to Myrtle Tabor, 23, d/o B. F. & Sarah Tabor, at Morehead by Geo
   H. Farley, witnesses C. W. Tabor & Mollie Scaggs, surety by Wm T.

   He married Myrtle Tabor, daughter of Benjamin Franklin Tabor & Sarah
   __, 25 Dec 1911 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Born 1888 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

3. James C. Cornett. Born about 1891 in Nicholas Co., Kentucy.

   Rowan Co. marriage book 7, p. 489 records marriage on 19 Nov 1911
   of James C. Cornett, 20, b. Nicholas Co., s/o Ander & Ella Cornett,
   to Sarah E. Caudill, 18, d/o Isaac Caudill, at Isaac Caudill's house
   by James Riley, witnesses E. L. Lewis, Pervel Ham, surety by Herbert 

   He married Sarah E. Caudill, daughter of Isaac Newton Caudill &
   Elizabeth __, 19 Nov 1911 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Born about 1893 in
   Rowan Co., Kentucky.

J. W. CORNETT and Martha A. CAUDILL - First Generation

1. J. W. Cornett. Born about 1870/1875.

   He married Martha A. Caudill, daughter of James M. Caudill & Rebecca
   McClain. Born 28 Sep 1876 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Died 4 Oct 1962 in Ky.

   Martha is listed in the Jan 1935 obituary of her brother Albert as Mrs.
   J. W. Cornett, Morehead. And Nola Cornett, married in 1927 at age 20,
   lists her parents on her marriage license as J. W. & Martha Cornett.
   Together, these would seem to imply that Martha was married to J. W.
   Cornett from at least 1907 to 1935. I have not found a marriage record
   for them, so the marriage was probably in Morgan Co. or Elliott Co.

   They had the following children:

   2   i.       Nola Cornett

J. W. CORNETT and Martha A. CAUDILL - Second Generation

   2. Nola Cornett. Born about 1907 in Rowan Co., Kentucky.

   She married Vencil Riddle, son of Lewis Riddle & Mary Alice ("Allie")
   Pelfrey, 17 Sep 1927 in Rowan Co., Kentucky. Born about 1904 in Rowan
   Co., Kentucky.

   Rowan Co. marriage Book 22, p. 113, records marriage on 17 Sep 1927
   of Vencil Riddle, 23, s/o Lewis & Allie Riddle, to Nola Cornett, 20,
   d/o J. W. & Martha Cornett, at Morehead by Owen Barnhart, witnesses
   C. R. Kidd, W. S. Mabry.


That's all I have on Rowan County CORNETT records.
-- Teri
Date: Wed, 14 May 1997 21:47:24 -0500
From: Roger Hinshaw hinshaw@feist.com
I have had a Cornett cousin contact me about information on her line. 
Does anyone have any information on the following?

David Cornett, b. 1805 m. Feby Sutherland
Rachel Isobel Cornett Anderson
Peter Cornett
James Monroe Cornett, b. 1831
Lorenzy Cornett Dow
Joseph Alexander Cornett
Margaret Jane Cornett Robinson
"Jack" Dudley Jackson Cornett
Wesley Isom Cornett
Barbara Cornett Livesay
Nancy Cornett (?)
Stephen Thomas Columbus "Doc" Cornett
Three died young:  Allen, Olive and John

James Monroe Cornett, b. 1831 m. Polly A. ?
Elbert Stephen Cornett, b. 1853
Fielden Reece Cornett
Joseph Cornett
George Wesley Cornett
Frankey Cornett
Eli Jefferson Cornett
Nancy Cornett
Sarah E. Cornett
Lillie Alice Cornett
Oma Cornett
Naomi Cornett

Elbert Stephen Cornett b. 1853, m. Margaret E. Perkins
Ervin Worth Cornett
Nettie G. Cornett
Barney Pierce Cornett, b. 1887
? Cornett Carrico

She isn't sure of anything before Barney Pierce Cornett.
Date: Sat, 24 May 1997 16:22:38
From: Norma Adams njadams@erinet.com
Birth dates for children of William E. Cornett, son of Roger Cornett and
Polly Lewis and Matilda Stamper, d/o John Whitt Stamper and Lucinda Hogg.

Lucinda        June 6, 1857, Perry Co.Ky
Elizabeth      May 1, 1859, Knott Co., Ky.
Malinda        May 3, 1860, Knott Co., Ky
Hiram H.       Dec. 8, 1862, Perry Co. Ky.
William R      Feb. 5, 1867  Perry Co. Ky.
Martha         Feb. 10, 1873 Perry Co., Ky.
Mary           Mar. 28, 1875 Perry Co., Ky.
Roger          Aug. 2, 1877 Perry Co. Ky.
John Harlan    Aug. 22, 1880 Knott Co., Ky.

These dates are from LDS Family History files.
Date: Mon, 26 May 1997 13:45:49
From: Norma Adams njadams@erinet.com
David (Blue) Cornett b. Nov. 3, 1805, Va.
 sp-Phebe Sutherland b. Mar. 3, 1808, Montgomery, Va.
    1. Allen Cornett b. Mar. 27, 1827, Grayson Va.
    2. Peter Cornett b. Mar. 3, 1829, Grayson, Va.
       sp-Aseneth Welch b. abt. 1833 In.
    3.Rachel Isabel Cornett b. Apr. 25, 1820 Grayson, VA
       sp-Nelse Anderson b. abt. 1826
    4. James Monroe Cornett b. Dec. 23, 1831 Grayson, Va.
       sp-Mary A (Polly) Cornett b. abt. 1835
    5. Loranzo Dowell Cornett b. Sept. 25, 1833 Grayson Va
       sp-Rose Ann Anderson b. abt. 1837
    6. Joseph Alexander Cornett B. Mar. 6, 1835
       sp-Matilda E. (Mattie) Moore b. 1832
    7. Dudley J. Cornett b. Mar. 30, 1839 Grayson, Va.
       sp-Virginia Eveline Livesay b. 1847
    8. Wesley Isom Cornett b. Mar. 27, 1841 Grayson Va.
       sp-Sarah Jane Livesay b. abt. 1845
    9. B. Emaline Cornett b. Jan. 2, 1843 Grayson VA
       sp-Wiley Livesay b. Dec. 2, 1845 Comers Rock, Grayson Va.
   10. Olive Melvine Cornett b. June 12, 1844 Grayson Va.
   11. Nancy Levine Cornett b. July 21, 1846 Grayson VA.
   12. Stepheny Thomas Columbus Cornett b. Mar. 19, 1849 Grayson Va
       sp- Elvira Lutitia Wiss b. abt. 1853
   13. John Cornett b. July 13, 1851

This information from LDS Family History Library.
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 00:15:35 -0500
From: Larry & Melissa freesite@concentric.net
The information (from an earlier message) under Rachel Cornett does not 
include her third husband, David Smith.

Rachel and David had about 9 children.  Isaac Newton, Andrew Jacob, Rushie
(F), Bud, Suzanna, Freda, Marion, William and I believe Evelyn who died 
as a child. Isaac died two years ago in Celina, OH.  

Isaac has 4 children...David (died c. 1966), Jessie (lives in Celina), 
Tilda Mae Johnson (lives in Hindman, KY), and another one in Texas.  

Andrew's first wife was Sylvania Beverly (d. 1940).  They had 7 children
...Virginia (b. 1928 d. 1942 of pneumonia),  Arnold (b. 1933), Evelyna(?), 
Larry (b. 1935), Tilda Mae (b. 1941), Truman (b. 1937), and Junior Ray 
(b. 1939 d. 1940).
Andrew remarried Zelma Everidge and had four children...Charlene (b. 1944 
d.1996), Carol (b. 1951), Oliver (b. 1953), and Robert (b. 1955).
I can give you more detail on Rushie and Bud later.
Suzanna married Walter Couch and had one child...Bud Marlon (adopted).
Freda married David Greene and had one child ...Yvonne (adopted, 
b. 1948 d. 1992).
Marion lives in Illinois and I'll have to get more details to you later.
I can get you more extensive detail in a few weeks.  I'm in the process 
of moving and some of the info is packed at the moment.
Date: Thu, 21 Aug 1997 11:49:31 -0700
From: Gloria Kay Vandiver Inman bokay1@worldnet.att.net
I am not a CORNETT subscriber, but according to the infomation I found
on your web site, I thought some of the following might be of interest
to some of you.  

I am not actively researching CORNETT, but would be happy to do lookups
for any of the names included in the CORNETT index from my database ... 
Most of these people are descendants of my other allied lines that came
out of SW VA, and SE KY.  Hope it can help someone out there,  Thanks,
Kay Inman

Name                Birth date Birth location     Spouse
CORNETT, Archibald                                CREECH, Elizabeth
CORNETT, Charles L.                               CREECH, Mary
CORNETT, Cordia                 
CORNETT, Elijah                Leatherwood, KY?   MINARD, Martha Jane
CORNETT, Elijah     Abt. 1869               
CORNETT, Elizabeth                                STAMPER, Newton D.
Elizabeth Ann       Abt. 1840  Letcher Co, KY?    STAMPER, Ira
CORNETT, Esquire    Abt. 1868  Letcher Co, KY?    DIXON, Rit
CORNETT, F.                                       OSBORNE, James
CORNETT, H. A.                                    STAMPER, William
CORNETT, Jasper     Abt. 1874               
CORNETT, John       Abt. 1867               
CORNETT, Jonathan                                 SETZER, Elizabeth
CORNETT, Jonathan   Abt. 1877               
Joseph Enoch        1814       KY                 BROWN, Sarah
CORNETT, Judah      Abt. 1840                     ISOM, Moses
CORNETT, Linda Kay                                WHITAKER, Thurman Richard
CORNETT, Mary J.    Abt. 1872               
CORNETT, Matilda    Abt. 1840                     ISOM, Jonas
CORNETT, Melvina    Abt. 1871               
CORNETT, Sarah      Abt. 1865               
CORNETT, Sarah J.   Oct 1863   KY                 STAMPER, Wiley M.
CORNETT, Silas                                    STAMPER, Cynthia
CORNETT, Ted                                      CLARKSTON, Sophia
CORNETT, William                                  EVERAGE, Mary
CORNETT, William                                  GARRISON, Malinda
CORNETT, William                                  GILLIAM, Rhoda
CORNETT, William E. Abt. 1835                     STAMPER, Matilda
CORNETT, William M. Abt. 1879
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 1997 17:53:51 -0500
From: Jo Burnette jburnette@worldnet.att.net
Announcing the first-ever reunion for the family of William & Mary 
Hatfield CORNETT scheduled for September 6, 1997, new Cove Creek  
Elementary School, Vilas, NC, right outside Boone, NC on the road 
to Trade, TN.

[William Cornett, born June 1769 in Virginia, died 18 Jan 1855. Son 
of David Cornett, born circa 1750 or 1757, died 1779 Henrico County, 
VA. Mary HATFIELD Cornett, born March 1777, died 20-May-1861 in 
Grayson County, VA, daughter of Jeremiah Hatfield.] 

All the family groups of William & Mary Hatfield Cornett (LYDIA, 
DAVID, JEREMIAH, THOMAS, and WESLEY) will reunite on Saturday, 
September 6, 1997 in the NEW Cove Creek Elementary School cafeteria. 
This school is just outside Boone, NC on Highway 421W onto Vanderpool 
Road on the right approximately 1/2 mile from 421.

On the day of the reunion, if you find yourself unable to get to the 
right spot, call 704-297-6320 for directions.
Date: Thu, 04 Sep 1997
From: Rosalene Nielsen rosalene@ns.net
This is all I have on Granville's line.

Descendants of Granville Roger Cornett
1)Granville Roger CORNETT b: Mar 1854  Perry Co., KY d: 22 Jun 1911 
Hazard, Perry, KY  src: Frances McElroy, franny5@brightok.net                                   
+Hettie HOGG b: 26 Jul 1856 Married: c 1874 d: 1894  Hazard, Perry, KY
Buried: Hazard Cem., Hazard, KY; "stn b:1854"           
Father: Stephen Hogg Mother: Cynthia Ison

2)Urban CORNETT b: c 1875  Perry Co., KY d: 1923                        

2)Eli CORNETT   b: Feb 1877  VA  src: 1870 Census, Lee Co., KY d.Clark 
Co., KY                                          
 +Ella EVERSOLE                                                        
 *2nd Wife of [1] Eli Cornett: +Margaret FRENCH                                                       

2)Ira CORNETT   b: Jul 1878  Perry Co., KY +Mellie TURNER

2)Anderson "Anse" CORNETT b: 27 Mar 1880  Perry Co., KY d: c 1905 
Madison Co., AR Occupation: School Teacher      
2)Cynthia CORNETT b: 18 Jan 1882  Perry Co., KY d: 21 Dec 1942   
Springfield, IL Occupation: School Teacher +Charles MACCATHERINE  
2)Archibald CORNETT b: 17 Apr 1886 d: Disappeared WW I + Cappie COMBS 
b: 9 Apr 1890 d: Apr 1914  Hazard, Perry,  KY           
Father: Drew Combs   Mother: Deborah Duff

2)Floyd CORNETT b: 23 Sep 1888  Perry Co., KY d: 18 Feb 1914 
2)Folger CORNETT b:15 Aug 1890  Perry Co., KYd: 18 Feb 1914  Perry Co.,
KY  Buried: KY "Stn b 1891"                          

2)Luther Harrison CORNETT b:17 Oct 1892 d:13Sep 1975 Oklohoma City, OK                                      
+Fanny ROBINSON b: 21 Dec 1899 Married: 21 Sep 1921  Muskogee, OK
Father: John Campbell Robinson  Mother: Belle Duncan

*2nd Wife of Luther Harrison Cornett:+Doshia RILEY Married: 17 May 1934  
Morris Fork, KY
*2nd Wife of Granville Roger Cornett: +Mary Ellen COMBS b:18 Jun 1865 
Married: 1897  Perry Co., KY d:12 Mar 1924                           
Father:Robert Cornett Combs Mother:Elizabeth "Ella" Godsey/Combs

2)H. Miller CORNETT b:5 May 1898 Perry Co.,KY d:20 Mar 1963 +Nora HUFF 
Married: 14 May 1927  KY Father: Adam Huff     Mother:

2)Chester "Arthur" CORNETT b:7 Oct 1899 Perry Co., KY d: Jan 1972 
Chicago, IL     Buried: Chicago, IL                     
+Grace CAUDILL  b: 12 Apr 1910 Married: 6 Dec 1924 d: 5 Sep 1990 
Chicago, IL     Buried: Chicago, IL     

2) Edith CORNETT b: 20 Jan 1901 Perry Co., KY d: 3 Nov 1995 Calvert
City, KY                                        
  +William HOSKINS                                                      
  *2nd Husband of Edith Cornett:                                
  + Goodloe COMBS       b: 30 Oct 1886 d: 9 Jan 1967            
Father: Shadrack "Shade" Combs  Mother: Polly Ann Cornett

2)Robert CORNETT b: 22 Sep 1902  Perry Co., KY d: 21 Apr 1965 +Cuma
SHEPARD b: 24 Aug 1914 d: 27 Oct 1989  

2)Lucy CORNETT b:17Mar 1905 Perry Co., KY d:20 Jul 1995 Orlando, FL                                     
+William Sherman WYATT  b: 11 Jan 1896 d:24 Jun 1983  Orlando, FL       
2)Susan "Sue" CORNETT   b: 7 Apr 1908  Perry Co., KY                      +Jimmy JAMES
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