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I'm looking for any possible connections that might lead me to other relatives and the family's Cherokee connection.

ARTHUR CORNETT (B. unknown, Co. unknown), m. SARAH DEATON (date unknown, B. unknown, Co. unknown).  Their son SAM ARTHUR CORNETT (B. 12-9-1872, Rockcastle Co. KY) m. MARY ROSETTA PRUITT (B. 9-10-1873 Cherokee Co. KS) on 2-8-1890.  Their children are ROBERT HENRY CORNETT (B. 2-7-1891, Viola, MO), CORA BELL CORNETT (B. 10-25-1893, Viola, MO) .   CLARA
ONA CORNETT (B. 8-1-1897, Viola, MO, D. 12-15-1900, Madison Co. AR), ROSS A. RALPH CORNETT (B. 7-28-1900, Madison Co. AR),  LAURA ANDIA (INDIA ?) CORNETT (B. 2-6-1903, Madison Co. AR),
CHARLIE ROOSEVELT CORNETT (B. 8-11-1905 D. 7-30-1930, Madison Co. AR), PLESE ARTHUR CORNETT (B. 1-19-1908, Madison Co. AR, Still living in AR), ALBERT FRANKLIN CORNETT
(B. 10-18-1911, Madison Co. AR), MATTIE PAULINE CORNETT (B. 10-3-1914, Madison Co. AR) MATTIE'Smarried name is PARSON(S) and she is still living in AR.

Sam and Mary Cornett moved from Christian Co. MO to Madison Co. AR on 10-23-1898.

Cora Bell Cornett married John Blaine  (J.B.) Bowline, not sure spelling of Blaine is correct.

Dennis Bledsoe  Sun, 4 Jan 1998

I need help in finding information on Robert Lee Cornett who married Essie Lavina
Ketchum. Robert died 12/11/1954. This is all I know.   Sat, 3 Jan 1998

Looking for Cornetts in Independence  County,  Arkansas in the 1860 census.  Mary J. B. Cornett
and James H. York marry on January 28, 1877 in Arkansas.  Mary  Jane Cornett had brothers and her parents are listed as John and Sarah. Anyone looking for Independnce County Cornetts please contact me.

J  Sun, 21 Dec 1997

Seeking info on Joseph Cornett (b.1873) and wife Molly living in Leatherwood, Ky. in 1900
and 1910 Census. Children listed are Mollie, Dora, Louisa, Rosa, Bethel, Judith, Charlottee,
and Tinsly. Later moved to Harlan, Ky. Dora married Roscoe Delph and these were my

Joanne Elliott   Sun, 21 Dec 1997

Nancy Calhoun born 3 March 1861 and died 17 March 1954 in Ashe Co., North Carolina married Thomas Scott Cornett, Jr. He was born 6 June 1861, possibly in West Virginia, and died 27 September 1946 in Creston, Ashe Co., North Carolina.  It has been said that he used his middle name to be able to identify himself apart from his father.  Does anyone have  any information on this family?

Knott Co. Historical Society   Tue, 16 Dec 1997

William Cornett = Rhoda Gilliam,
John Cornett = Rachel Smith,
Rhoda Cornett = James Madison Pigman,
Campbell Pigman = Emily Pridemore,
Lucinda Pigman = Robert Preston Thacker-Stewart.
William Cornett = Mary Everidge,
Nathaniel Woleary Cornett = Lydia Caudill,
Joseph E. Cornett =Susan Caudill,
Margaret Cornett = Benjamin Smith.
The Knott Co. Historical Society's Library has several Cornett lines brought down via donated
works of various researchers.  If you would like your information included in this repository,
contact us for further details.

JanaRegina Fri, 12 Dec 1997

Hello, My maiden name is Cornett. My fore bearers came from England around 1740 and settled in henrico, Cty Va and from there went to perry cty, Ky. I was just wondering if there was a connection. To the best of my knowledge, it goes like this;
William Cornett and Rhoda Gilliam
John Cornett and Rachael Smith
John Cornett II and Nancy Combs
John Cornett III and Winnie Grigsby
George Washington Cornett and Etta Hatcher
Kenneth John Cornett and Dorothy Presson
Dale Tradford Cornett and Jacquelyn Jeffers  (My parents)

I would love to hear from you, especially if there is a connection.

Billie Jean Hemmert   Sat, 13 Dec 1997

I am seeking to find the parents names of my grandfather Elijah T. Cornett who was married to Polly Hall. Any information you might have on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Fred E. Cornett Jr.  Thu, 11 Dec 1997

Can anyone send me any information on Curtis C. Cornett? He was raised in Va. and married my grandmother Laura V. Carrico.  I know my grandmother was related to the Nuckolls and Delps family but I have nothing about my grandfather. Any help would be appreciated.

Michael O. Noggle Sun, 30 Nov 1997

I am looking for information on the parents of Palice BOWLING and his
wife Mary CORNETT.  My records show them in 1820's in Clay County.
Thanks for your help! Sat, 22 Nov 1997
Is there an "official" cornett family crest??  If so, is it on the net somewhere? Fri, 21 Nov 1997

I am seeking info on 1) Nathaniel CORNETT s/o John CORNETT/Elizabeth Bacon MOSBY.  2)Robin Robert CORNETT s/o Nathaniel/Mildred "Millie" HENSLEY.  He supposedly married Charlotte CALLAHAN and had a daughter Mary "Polly" CORNETT who married Frederick LINCKS.  I am trying to tie up loose ends on the roots.  I do not know if Robin Robert had siblings and I have very few datesconfirmed.  Can you help?

Tony Charles  Wed, 19 Nov 1997

Book title "Fallen Leaves" includes a fairly comprehensive record of the Cornett family.  The book was written by Lucy Gay and Shirley Evans in 1992-3.  Lucy's phone number is 606 464 3850.  There are over 20 pages about the Cornettss.  I would recommend it.

Rhonda Radcliff   Wed, 19 Nov 1997
I looked at Perry County, KY census information put together by one of Cornett subscribers.  I can't remember who compiled it, but I appreciate it, as it was very helpful to me.

I have been researching for a Samuel Cornett who had a daughter, Malinda.  Malinda had a son, Jonathan, by John Lewis of Harlan County, KY.  Malinda and John never married.  She later married Josh McDaniel. The census information provided was the first real proof I had. However, I don't know who Malinda's mother was.  I suspect that this Samuel was the son of Jonathan Cornett (one of the original  Cornett brothers from England).

I'd like to hear from the person who put the information together. There are so many Samuels and Jonathans that I've gotten confused.

Any help would be appreciated.

Skip       Wed, 19 Nov 1997 12:39:42 -0800 (PST)
Does anyone researching the Cornett side of the Canute/Cornutt/Cornett family, ever look into
when the name was legally changed?  In my tree I'm trying to list birth names and then when I find a name change I include it in notes.  Seems all the Cornett's out there list only the name change.  I just think you can get a better picture of things by listing what moniker they came into this world with.  This might be foolishness from a newby. Anyway, if anyone happens to have some of this info I would appreciate anything you're willing to share.
Thanks, Skip

Mary Harrison Mon, 03 Nov 1997

Seeking ancestors of David CORNETT/CORNUTT Grayson Co. VA. Married Mary (Polly) COOPER 1810. He died in Falls Co. TX.

Jim Mon, 03 Nov 1997

1850 Letcher Co. Census has a Jesse H. Cornitt, 55 VA, Nancy 55 VA, Marinda 17 KY, Wesley 22 KY, Franka (Female) 15 VA. Who is this family? I find a marriage record in Perry Co. for a Wesley Hays (age 25) to Franky Cornitt(age 20) on 10/25/1854. Any info on this family or descendents from this line is a great find for us. Please help. This Wesley and Franky Cornitt Hays went to Rowan Co., KY and raised a large family. (the email is 05 zero five) Helping out a cousin, Jim in Iowa

Jim and Dawn Ratliff    Sat, 01 Nov 1997

My husband's ggrandmother was Ethel Cornett, born abt 1880-1890 in KY.  I was wondering if the Cornett Genealogy may have Ethel listed in it.  Ethel married John W. Burns. I don't have any information on her family at all as I have just started searching this side of the family. Thank
you for checking on this for me

Norma Adams Wed, 29 Oct 1997

I received a letter yesterday from a fellow in Oklahoma looking for information on Elijah Cornett b.1856 d. 1918 married Cynthia Ann Lynch. I don't have this in my records. Would anyone else in the family know anything this particular Elijah Cornett?

William Cornett Wed, 22 Oct 1997

My name is William Cornett, and I am looking for the Kentucky origins of my grandfather, one Joseph Cornett, who travelled from the Kentucky area to Texas around 1910. He would have been born circa 1890, and he died in the 1920's in Waco. I have all the information on my uncles (my father's brothers), but I have been able to find next to nothing on his origins. Any hints or suggestions on where to look?

Leslie Collier Tue, 21 Oct 1997

Would like to talk to Cornett researchers of Russell, Lee, and Grayson Co., VA, prior to 1800. My interest is specifically in the Cornetts who associated with various Hatfields. I'm trying to prove several "hidden" marriages.

A Mary Hatfield married a John Cornett in 1794 in Grayson Co., VA, and later lived in Anson Co., NC.

It appears that a daughter to John and Rebecca Hatfield of Russell (and soon Lee Co.), VA, married a Cornett, living next in Campbell Co., TN, and later in Marion Co., TN. Deeds of John Hatfield were witnessed by both a William and a David Cornett.

I want to discover a closer tie-in and be able to provide Hatfield ancestry.

James Watson Cornett Tue, 21 Oct 1997

John Cornett William Cornett (1761 - 1836)
Joseph Enoch Cornett (1814 - 1891)
William M. Cornett (? - 1856)
Watson Garret Cornett (1901 - 1980)
Ernest Walter Cornett
James Watson Cornett

I have seen many references to the Cornett ancestors from Southampton, England (Erin, Earl, etc..). Can anyone tell me where this information came from? Are there records from this time that clearly state this link? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jerry Gilbert Tue, 21 Oct 1997

Mildred Ann BLOUNT daughter of Charles J. BLOUNT and Sarah CORNETT - believed to have been born in TN.

I have no other information on this side of the CORNETT family. I would appreciate anyone's assistance.

Rosalene Tue, 21 Oct 1997

Just discovered what must be an error in my file. Here's what I have, and would someone please tell me who is the real Frankie Cornett married to the real William "Bill" Owens and your source:

1) Have a Frankie Cornett b 1734 dtr of John Cornett and Rachel Smith m to Bill Owens.

2) Have a Frankie Cornett b 1735 dtr of Jessie H. Cornett & Nancy Branham Smith

the 2nd Frankie Smith is also married to William Smith.

John Cornett Sat, 18 Oct 1997

I am researching Cornett family roots and have evidence back to William Cornett born in 1761 in Henrico Co VA. I would like references and/or information on his ancestors. I am descended thru Archibald (1789), William (1814), Arch "Bud" (1841), John (1878), etc, and have some information on these families. I would appreciate any help or tips.

Shirley Perez Sat, 18 Oct 1997

I am looking for the Sizemore Cornett connection. Agnus Shepherd was adopted by a Cornett family. She was born abt 1760. She was full blood Eastern Cherokee, and married George All Sizemore. They lived in Shenendoah Va. NC and Tn. before Clay and Perry Co. Ky.

Lisa Cornett Tue, 14 Oct 1997

I am looking for information about this line of Cornetts. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Robert Cornett m. Mazie Pierce (other spouse of Mazie, Tom Seabold. No children)
Children of Robert and Mazie:
Martha Cornett (Died at about age 3. Drank Lye water)
Vaughn Cornett,
Luther Cornett,
Carmon Cornett,
Florence (Nadaro) Cornett,
Viola Cornett,
Virginia Dare Cornett,
Vancewood Cornett,
Robert (Kyle) Franklin Cornett,
Elwood Cornett,
Sherwood Cornett.
Robert (Kyle) Franklin Cornett m. Esther Grey Perkins
   Children of Robert and Esther:
   Zane Cornett, Blaine Perkins, Terry Cornett, Connie Cornett, Lilly Ann Cornett, Jesse Kyle Cornett.

Carol Fri, 10 Oct 1997

Hi Everyone, I'm looking for the parents of Susannah Cornett b. abt 1863 Clay Co, Ky. Your help would be appreciated.

Descendants of Susannah Vanner/Varder Cornett
1 Susannah Vanner/Varder Cornett b: 1863-1864 +Abraham Lincoln (Link) Clark b: September 6, 1864 in Clay Co, Ky
2 Joseph Clark b: 1881 in Clay County, Kentucky +Ellen Peters b: February 6, 1884
2 [1] Ellender Clark b: January 20, 1884 +Hirman Rowlette b: May 8, 1879 *2nd Husband of [1] Ellender Clark: +James J. Sandlin b: Abt. 1865 *3rd Husband of [1] Ellender Clark: +Charlie Parker b: Abt. 1885
2 John Clark b: Abt. 1885 +Adline Birch b: Abt. 1885
2 Robert Clark b: 1894 in Clay County, Ky +Laura Elizabeth Marcum b: August 31, 1901 in Clay County, Ky
2 Henry J. Clark b: March 20, 1886 in Clay Co., Ky.

Linda Tue, 7 Oct 1997

Seeking information on Henry Cornet who married Susan M. Conner 1/13/1861 in Independence AR. She remarried in 4/1862. What happened to Henry, did he die in the war?? His children are living with Susan and her 4th husband Julin Andrews in 1870 Independence census. Martha age 18 and Joel age 11 both born AR.

Mary Harrison Tue, 30 Sep 1997

Seek parents of David CORNETT b. ca 1788 probably Montgomery Co. VA, married Polly (?Mary) COOPER 18 Jan 1810 Grayson Co. VA, died 27 Aug 1866 Falls County, TX

Betty G. Schimpf Sat, 27 Sep 1997

I descend from Nathaniel W. Cornett and Lydia Caudill on both my maternal (Joseph E. Cornett m. Susanna Caudill) and paternal side (Benton Cornett m. Polly Ann Davidson).

In my research, I have obtained copies of nearly every descendent of Nathaniel and Lydia Cornett from 1850 through 1920.

Rhonda Radcliff Mon, 15 Sep 1997

My grandmother is Delora Cornett, daughter of Granville and Virginia Harbour. Granville is the son of Jonathan Cornett and Elizabeth Smith. Jonathan is the son of John Lewis and Malinda Cornett. I don't think they were married. Malinda is the daughter of Samuel Cornett and Polly Davidson. Samuel is the son of John Cornett who was born in England in 1726.

These are the Cornetts from England who settled in Perry County, Kentucky.

Do I have any cousins out there? I have birth, death and marriage dates if anyone needs them.

Ross Wentworth Sun, 14 Sep

Does anyone have anything on:

Edwin (or Erwin) Cornett. Probably born in Virginia. Family rumor has it that Edwin married a Cherokee woman and left Virginia with his wife.

Son was John Allen Cornett, born Dec 1846, Chattanooga, TN, who moved to Stone County, AK. Union soldier at Ft. Louisburg.

Donald R. Wyatt Thu, 4 Sep 1997

William Jesse Cornett (1761-1835)
Archibald Cornett (1789-1873)
Anderson Cornett (1820-1883)
Granville Cornett (1854-1911)
Lucy Cornett (1905-1995)v

Dennis Cornett Wed, 3 Sep 1997

I have ties to the Cornetts in Cornettville located near Hazard, Little Vico, North Carr Fork.

You can contact me at eather of these 2 address:           

Kathy Gardner Fri, 29 Aug 1997

I am looking for anyone with ties to the Breathitt County Cornetts and Bush's. John Cornett married Polly Bush in 1885 and had Doshia (1885), Margaret( 1887), Samuel (1890) and Joseph (1892). John died and Polly remarried a Frank Leonard. The family stayed in Breathitt Co until after 1900 then moved to Perry Co. Any leads are appreciated.

Marsha Ford Thu, 28 Aug 1997

Lydia Ann Adams was born 18 Jan 1824 in Yadkin Co. NC and died 15 Jan 1896, I think in KY, Laurel Co. She married George Bourn Cornett from Elk Creek, Grayson Co. VA.

Her Father was Jessie Adams and mother was Dora Blevins. Does anyone have information on who Jesse or Dora's parents were?

Debbie Birch Thu, 28 Aug 1997

I copied a Lee County KY marriage license for Flora Bell Cornett and Marion Ingram. They were married at Mary Cornett's on December 23, 1897. Marion Ingram was 25 yrs old, and his 1st marriage. Flora Bell Cornett was 21 yrs old, and her 2nd marriage. The witnesses were James Cornett and Sarah Cornett.

By chance do you have any information about this marriage, or the previous one for Flora? I believe that she is the mother of my great-uncle, George Estes' (s/o James Estes and Susan Alice McKinney) first wife Emma Ingram. Any information would be helpful.

Marsha Ford Mon, 25 Aug 1997

I am searching for descendants of George McIntyre Cornett b in Grayson Co. VA and moved to Laurel Co. KY. From there to Prinville OR. Operated a stage Coach line to SF. CA. Married a Miss Toney. Please help.

Chris Page Tue, 19 Aug 1997

I am trying to "get my feet wet" and fumbling as only a newbie can. I am interested in the Combs and Cornett lines and where they are linked.

I am a Combs of Hazard, Perry County, and have Cornett cousins. (at least I think they are cousins.) I do not know where the link is, however. I was seven when my family (William B. Combs b. 1909 d. 1996) moved to Maryland so I do not remember too much about Hazard. My dad had four siblings of whom only one, a sister Kate, is still living.

I would appreciate any information on these two families and/or the Eversole line which you might be willing to give.

I now live in Phoenix Arizona. There seem to be a lot of Combs' here, also.

Thank you in advance for any assistance you may provide.

Rosalene Nielsen Tue, 19 Aug 1997

My file on Rachel Cornett Combs dtr of Nancy Cornett & Samuel Combs and married to Civil War Levi Pennington is thoroughly corrupted. I need help. She is the sister of Mary Combs who married Elijah Roberts Begley.

Was there MORE THAN ONE Levi Penningtons?

FIRST: born 1810 NC married to a Nancy Cornett age 38 (per 1850 Census) Ch: Rebecca 14, Timmothy 12, William 8, Anny 7, Felix 4, and James 2 (RETRIEVED FROM COMBS WEBSITE)

SECOND BORN: 30 AUG 1821 Perry Co., KY

THIRD BORN: 15 AUG 1802?


Did Levi have two wives, one Nancy Cornett and the second Rachel Cornett Combs. If so, who were the parents of Nancy Cornett? Don't say Samuel and Nancy, she married Samuel Combs.

Does anyone have the pension records for Levi indicating who his children were, when he married, etc. Rachel cannot have been born 1812, because her parents did not marry until 1819, and her mother Nancy would have been a child.

I also have another Rachel Combs born 1830 Perry Co., KY

I have the same children plus more for both Levi and Nancy and Levi and Rachel. Which makes me suspect he was married twice?

The 1860 census might help, for the younger children, but the older would be gone. If you have source info, I truly will appreciate your help. I am tearing my hair out.

Edward Cornett Sun, 14 Sep 1997

I have info on the Grayson Co. Va. Cornett family- David Cornett, James Monroe Cornett, Granville Harrison Poole, Feby Sutherland [wife of David Cornett] and Alexander Sutherland.

Also have list from Central Cemetery in Flat Ridge Va. . There are several Catron listings as well. Let me know if I can help.

Dawn Ratliff Wed, 3 Sep 1997

New to this. Searching for Ethel Cornett born about 1889 -- I think in KY. Married to John William Burns born Feb 20, 1881 in Letcher Co, KY. Just found out this info. I have nothing except this to go on.

Pat Ulrich Wed, 3 Sep 1997

I need to clarify the children of Andrew Jackson Cornett. I have info after him and before back to Erin Cornet. I have a conflict on his children.

Martin O'Malley Jr. Sun, 31 Aug 1997

I am looking for the line of the Cornett family from around Jackson and Canoe Kentucky. My mother is Mary Ann Cornett, her father was William Blackburn Cornett, his mother was Nancy Arrowood, his father was Alford Cornett, and we believe his father was Samuel Cornett. If anyone has information on this line of Cornetts, please email me at Thank you. Thu, 28 Aug 1997

I would like further information on the following Lee County marriage: Marion INGRAM, 25 yrs, 1st marriage to Flora Bell CORNETT, 21 yrs, 2nd marriage. They were married at Mary Cornett's house on December 23, 1897. Witnesses were James Cornett and Sarah Cornett. Can anyone be of help?

Jerry b. Bieker Jr Mon, 18 Aug 1997

Jerry B. Bieker Jr (self)
Barbara Barker(mother)
Martha Violet Cornett (Grandmother)
Samuel Cornett (b Aug 1898 Omaha, Nebraska)(GG-Grandfather)
Nathaniel Cornett (b Nov 1851 Indiana) (GGG-Grandfather)
???? Cornett (b Kent)

Rebecca Conley Kennard Fri, 15 Aug 1997

William Jesse Cornett 1761
Robert Bustard Cornett 1798
Elijah Combs Cornett 1822
William G. Cornett 1856
Samantha Cornett 1884
Lilly Mae Combs 1905
Elvin Custer Conley 1924

Lynn Proud Fri, 15 Aug 1997 14:39:17 -0700

Does anyone know of the family of Richard R. Cornett who lived in Culpeper County, Va in 1810-1820? He was apparently born between 1766-1784. I believe he lived there also in 1800 or 1790 but was listed as Richard R. CONNETT. I would love to know more about him and his family if he belongs to anyone out there.

Nancy Davis Tue, 12 Aug 1997

I am looking for information about Rhoda Gilliam who was married to the Kentucky pioneer William Cornett. I am particularly interested in who her father and brothers and sisters were and if there is proof. My 4th g-grandmother is Mary Gilliam who married Archibald Ison. I believe that she is Rhoda's sister. Can you help?

Jerry Wed, 6 Aug 1997

I'm looking for any help on finding the Cornetts that came from KY and went to Indiana and then to Nebraska.

My cornetts are as follows:
Nathaniel Cornett b November 1851 in Indiana
Children: Fred, Laran, Leonard,Oscar born in OK, Adenston, John, Nathaniel, Hattie, Guy, Mary and Samuel all born in Nebraska.

Paul S Boggs Wed, 6 Aug 1997

I show a Mindy CORNET married to a Silas BOGGS. The only info I have on these 2 are that Silas BOGGS was born in 1845 in Ky.. They were supposed to have 3 children born at Troublesome Creek in Knott County,Ky. Would Mindy CORNET be one of your CORNETTS?

Thanks for the help. I am researching the BOGGS & MELTON family of s/e Kentucky.

Don Chesnut July 31, 1997

I have several lines descending from William Jesse Cornett (b. 1761). My webpage has numerous Cornetts:

Rebecca Kennard Thu, 17 Jul 1997

I am seeking information on my great grandfather Austin Combs. He was born November 18th, 1883 in Perry county Kentucky. Married to Samantha Cornett born 1884. She died in the Flu epidemic of 1918. Austin's father was named Wade Combs born 1852(?) Married to Minerva Williams whom I have no futher info on. Please advise. Thanks for your help!

Sarah White Wed, 09 Jul 1997

I am seeking information on a Clark Cornette who was born in Brethie Co., KY, and his children Ike, Nan, Kathy, Will, and Sarah Elizabeth. Sarah Elizabeth Cornette was born August 6, 1893 in Jackson Co., KY. Please e-mail me if you know anything about them.

Kristian Capener Sat, 5 Jul 1997

Hi! I am looking for information on Rachel B. Cornett born about 1830 in Hazard, Perry County, KY. She died 6 Apr 1930. She married Jesse Amburgey (born 1822; VA) on 12 Nov 1843. I need to know who her parents and siblings were and all of the dates for them. If you have anything, I would appreciate hearing from you and corresponding with you. Fri Jun 20, 1997

I am looking for information on these Cornetts: Broad Cornett married an Elizabeth B. (Edwards) Campbell. Broad's father was Eli Cornett married a Jane Robbins or Roberts. Eli's father was a Bronson Reuben Cornett. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Judith Lynne Green Thu Jun 19, 1997

My husbands mother was a Cornett (Hester Viola) born in Newland, North Carolina. She was one of thirteen children. Her father was Jonathan Fillmore Cornett, son of Thomas Jefferson Cornett, son of William Cornett, son of David Cornett, son of John. I have worked on this line for 10 years, and this recent find was a God send since I have been ill and unable to get to the library. I am a novice on the computer, but I know I can GedCom my info to you,and would be more than happy to do so when I find out how. I have a lot to share. Thanks for your help. Judy Green

Jalaine Smothers Mon, 16 Jun 1997

I am trying to straighten out and doucument my Cornett line, long story. I have a question about John Cornett 1727 - Abt 1776 Elizabeth Bacon Abt 1739 -

Was she his second wife and had no children together? Is Mary the mother of the children as far as we know? I would love to here from anyone working on this line. Mon Jun 9, 1997

William J. Cornett
    Joseph E. Cornett
        Betty Ann Cornett married Ira Stamper
            Nancy Elizabeth Stamper
                 Neva L. Cranfill
                     Billie Sears

Norma Adams Thu, 29 May 1997

Hi cousins, I found this item on the 1850 Perry Co. census. I believe it to be the family of one of the daughters of Mary Ann Everage Cornett, 2nd wife of William Jesse Cornett. "THE BOOK" on his family lists her daughter as marrying Robert S. Brashears.

Robert S. Brashears 57 b. Tennessee Mary 53 b. Virginia Joseph 19 Kentucky William 16 Ky. Martha 12 Ky. Samuel 9 Ky. Thomas 6 Ky. Margaret Brashears 87 Pennsylvania MARY CORNETT 78 North Carolina (Is this Mary Everage?)

Any one know for sure?

Jalaine Smother, Wed May 28, 1997

I am a decendent of the James Cornett and Morning McKight line.

Deneen Whiteside      Mon May 26, 1997

Deneen (Steen) Whiteside b. 1964 Fayette Co.Ohio
d/o Roger Steen and Betty Cornett, d/o of Charley Cornett b.12/14/1913 d.7/4/1943 md. 9/2/1933 to June Banks d/o Harrison and Parilee Ison Banks.
Charley was the son of William (Bill) Cornett and Elizabeth Gilbert, d/o Kenis and Loudemy (Riley) Gilbert.

I'm trying to compile all Cornett lines on my computer. I have a booklet on John Samuel Cornette line and one on William Cornett. Also some on the early part in England. Will try to help anyone. Just E- Mail Me.

Deneen Whiteside Mon May 26, 1997

I would like to correspond with anyone doing Owsley Co. Ky. Cornette's. Also, I would like information on a William Franklin Cornette s/o James and Morning McKnight b.1854 in Ky. William's wife was a Sally. Need proof. A brother to my great grandmother, Berry Gilbert s/o Kenis and Loudemy (Riley) Gilbert Md. 1907 Owsley Co. Ky. to a Susan Cornett d/o Sally Cornett. We believe this to be William Franklin's wife and daughter. If any one knows this family please E-mail me.

Sandra Ohnewehr Mon May 19 1997

I am trying to learn more about my grandmother's side of the family. I know very little. Her name was SARAH ELIZABETH CORNETTE (B Aug 4, 1893, in Ky, married ABLE PHROPHET PARKER; died in London, Ky 1959). Her parents were CLARK CORNETTE and REBECCA ???. Clark was born in Breathitt County (date unknown). Grandma (Sarah) had at least one brother who was supposed to have been a sherieff in Breathitt for several years. I do not know his name. I would appreciate any information on any of these people or related.

Amy Cornette Hill Fri, 16 May 1997

I am seeking information on my great-grandfather and his family. His name was Harrison C. Cornett(e), born approximately 1873 in Bell Co. KY. He married Bessie Hall Collins on 3-7-1908 in Pennington Gap, VA. They were living in Harlan Co. KY at the time of his death (year unknown). I know that Harrison had a brother named Cam. Harrison and Bessie's children include

Samuel Boston Cornett(e) 6-29-1909/2-15-1936 William Lewis Cornett(e) 2-15-1912/8-29-1978 Pearl Cornett(e) 10-21-1915/

William Lewis Cornette was my grandfather. Anyone out there related? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

Donald R. Wyatt Wed, 7 May 1997

My Grandparents, Granville R. Cornett b. abt 1865 d july 1912 his wife Ellen "Ella" Combs b abt 1866? d Mar 12, 1924 both of Perry County, KY Sat, 29 Mar 1997

I am looking for information on Arch Cornett. He married Mary Adams and died around 1913. Mary is the daughter of Solomon Adams and Elizabeth Hamilton. Solomon's parents were John and Elizabeth Mullins. Arch and Mary had the following children: Lucy Jane (b.11 March 1903) m. William Soloman Blevins (these are my grandparents) Lee Cornett Pearl Cornett John Cornett (b. 1900 d. 1905) Les Cornett Judy Cornett Kate Cornett Nancy Cornett and Reuben Cornett (who died at the age of 18). Any help on locating the parents of ARCH CORNETT will be greatly appreciated. I have access to the Boone Family Genealogy if anyone is tracing a link to them or a collateral family.

Debra Cornett Spear Thu, 13 Mar 1997

Debra Cornett Spear b. 1955
Robert Joe Cornett b. 1933
Robert Cornett b. about 1907
William R. Cornett b. 1880s
William Cornett b. late 1830s
Samuel Cornett b. 1803
John Samuel Cornett b. 1759
John Canute Cornett
Earl Cornett
Erin Cornett

Don Sasser Sun, 11 May 1997 10:48:57 -0700 From: (Geocities WebMonitor mail) To:

Wilma SASSER married John Sam CORNETT b. April 13, 1921. They had Wayne, Sherriel, David and James. Wilma had one sister Loretta SASSER m. Junior Robinson. One brother Clyde V Sasser . I am looknig for infomation on Wilma,Loretta and Clyde V. SASSER.

Don Chesnut Mon, 3 Mar 1997

My wife and I both descend from William Cornett (my wife, twice). Visit our genealogy page at...

Paulette Delano Dias Sun, 2 Mar 1997

My line is from Nancy Cornett married to Samuel Combs. Their daughter Rachel Cornett Combs married Levi Pennington. Have quite a large database on the Pennington's, Cornett's, and allied families. Thu, 27 Feb 1997

My father is of course Ellis R. Cornett, Sr., son of Robert Cornett and Dora Ratliff Cornett born in Perry County, Ky. Place called Little Leatherwood.

Most of our male relatives probably worked at Blue Diamond Coal Co.

Dad moved to Pikeville, Ky. in the 40's and married Constance I Justice and raised 3 children, myself, Penelope Ann, and Michael D. Cornett

Charles Gibson Wed, 19 Feb 1997

Looking for information on Mary Cornett b: Abt 1825, location unknown, but probably in Eastern Ky or Virgina. Married a Pallace Bowling b: Abt 1828 m: April 03, 1845 in Clay Co. Kentucky.

Chris Howard Tue, 18 Feb 1997

I am researching the family/ancestors of Samuel Cornett. Unfortunately, I know very little about him. Sam is supposed to have been born in time to be a young man during the Civil War to a wealthy North Carolina family. He fought for the North while his three brothers fought for the South. As a result, he was disowned and moved to Eastern Kentucky and married Nancy McIntosh and had a son James (b.ABT 1882 m.Julia Bryant d.1953). I suspect that a lot of this story is fiction and that Sam came from Kentucky. If you have ANY information on a Samuel Cornett, I would really love to see it! Thanks!

Esther Cornett Getker Wed, 12 Feb 1997

Jennifer Shank Wed, 12 Feb 1997
Looking for information on the family & parentage of Roger and Robert/Robin CORNETT. The married sisters Zilpha & Charlotte CALLAHAN, probably in Virginia @1800. Families moved to southeast Kentucky early 1800's. Were in Clay Co KY by 1815.

Lynn Proud Fri, 31 Jan 1997

Does anyone out there know anything at all about this couple???

Anything at all appreciated, parents, siblings, children, ANYTHING!

Shirley Moore Thu, 23 Jan 1997
I just found info in a funeral home record book on the father of L. T. Cornett, great-grandfather of my late husband. The family only knew that he was suppose to have come from Texas sometime after the Civil War. In the funeral home record for his sister, Martha Cornett Ellison b. 1852 in Tenn, it listed father as Henry Cornett, mother as ___ Gordon. Two brothers L.T. Cornett, Cedar Creek Mo and Joe Cornett, OK. There was a name mentioned, E. L. Poff, of Ft. Worth Texas, but no relationship noted.

Does anyone know of this Cornett family in Tenn? The marriage info for Henry and the Gordon? This was such an accident since I wasn't even looking for them that my mind is still spinning. <G> Sun. Dec. 29, 1996

I am interested in the families of Hardy CORNETT of Edgefield District of SC and of George CORNETT of Albermarle Parish in Surry/Sussex counties, VA. Especially need information on the parents of George CORNETT (he received a land grant in 1722, estate inventoried 1767 in Sussex County, VA. It appears his son Joel had an illegitimate son Hardy that may be the South Carolina Hardy CORNETT. I can share information on some of the CORNETT families of Georgia, especially those of Harris County.

Debi Beitler Sat, 28 Dec 1996

1. Erin Cornett b. abt 1676 Northumberland, England
    2. Earl Cornett b. abt 1696 Southhampton. England
       3. John Canute b. 1727 Southhampton England d. 1776 Elk Creek Virginia
           4. William Jesse Cornett b. 1761 Henerico County, Virginia d. 26 Nov 1836                Cornettsville, Perry, Kentucky m. 7 May 1787 Washington Co, Virginia                Rhoda Gilliam
                 5. Archibald Cornett b. 12 Jan 1789 d. 24 Feb 1873 Perry Co, Kentucky                      Judy McDaniel
                      6. Anderson Cornett b. 20 Jan 1820 Kentucky d. 5 Feb 1883 Susan                           Harris Granville Cornett b. 1854 Hetty Hogg
                              7. James Cornett B. 1884 Kentucky Margaret Fitzpatrick
                                    8. Claude James Cornett b. 13 April 1907 Hazard Kentucky                                         Marie Burgess
                                          9. Ellenor Margaret Cornett b. 8 May 1933 Curtis Franklin                                               Walls
                                               10. Debi Beitler nee Walls

Jim Taylor  Fri. Dec. 27, 1996

In our papers, we show a Nancy TAYLOR married A Flemming CORNETT 30 Aug 1870, in Grayson Ct. VA. His parents were Alfred & Elizabeth. I'd like more information on the Flemming Cornett family, if possible.

Also,I'm interested in records on a Fellowship Baptist Church which existed in Grayson Ct. in 1871, and had a Jasper Cornett as a trustee.

Any help would be appreciated.

Sandra Ohnewehr Sat, 28 Dec 1996

My grandmother was Sarah Elizabeth Cornette married my grandfather Able Phophet Parker (Laurel Co Ky). Sarah's Parents were: Clark Cornette (B ? in Breathitt Co. Ky., D ? Jackson Co, KY) married to Rebecca ?.

Also have information on Paul William Cornette (1924-1980) son of Arnold Cornette and Hazel Marrell Green also all of around Laurel County, Ky.

Any one out there related? Please e-mail me at

Janis Catron De Lay Thu, 28 Nov 1996

Hi Everyone: I am looking for info on my gGrandmother Perlina Ann CORNET b. 7 May 1850 GraysonCo, VA, USA m. 25 May 1880 Grayson Co, VA (James CATRON) d. of John CORNET- mother's name unknown. Does anyone have info on her or her parents? Does anyone have the geno. line of the Kanute family of GraysonCo? I understand that the CORNETT, CORNET has interchanged with CANUTE. Thanks for you help.