Family Tree

This page is a preliminary attempt at consolidating several branches of the family from different researchers. This is intended --ONLY-- as a starting point and is not to be relied on at this time.   Hopefully, as each of us works through our own lines we will provide the source documentation for each entry and eventually we  will have a fully documented Family Tree.

The program used to convert the gedcom to html is much smaller in size than the one normally used. This makes the layout of the pages a bit confusing - especially until you get a bit used to them. We are rather limited for space right now and it was either do it this way---or not at all!!!  I didn't like the "not at all" option.

I want to STRESS that this is NOT ALL MY WORK. This information came from numerous sources---bits and pieces here and there, emails to me, to the list, to somebody totally separate who then forwarded it to me. I lost track long ago. It didn't really seem to matter since it is not verified anyway....or at least, I don't have the sources for all of it. I just don't want anyone to think I "stole" your work and am claiming it as my own....those of you who know me, know full well that I haven't worked THAT hard on this stuff ! Or anything else, for that matter !

What we would like to do is for everyone to :

This is probably going to be one big mess as we sort through all this. But maybe we will one day have it all straight!

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